Sheri Horwitz

Sheri Horwitz is an accomplished IT and Product Development Executive with more than 20 years of IT, global product management and product development experience managing small and large (180+) teams.
Ms. Horwitz currently works at Synchronoss Technologies where she serves as the Senior Vice President of IT. In this role she has a broad range of responsibilities including delivery of IT Services, Global Information Security, Hosting and Infrastructure and IT Service Management Operations, across the company to a global population of more than 1500 employees.
Sheri has a proven track record of successfully managing the delivery of complex projects including smart phone applications, cloud computing, broadband solutions and activation services for mobile devices across multiple carriers.
Sheri joined the Synchronoss team in August of 2000 and has since been a key member in taking Synchronoss from a handful of people to a global company.
In addition to her formal IT role, Sheri is active in the community and works with several nonprofit organizations including American Corporate Partners where she mentors US Veterans and has been invited to be part of their advisor roundtable. She also is an Advisory Board member of SheTek, which is addressing the need to increase the percentage of women represented in the technology industry. She is also a member of NJSIM – the NJ chapter for the Society of Information Management.
Sheri is also a dedicated advocate for women in business, actively encourages girls in IT and started Lean In circles at Synchronoss as a means to support and promote women in technology.
Sheri graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Communications from Syracuse University.