Ijeoma Eze

Ijeoma is an omnichannel media planner and buyer for Marketsmith, Inc with expertise in the social/digital space. Ijeoma has additional experience in out-of-home and radio planning and buying, bringing to her clients a well-rounded perspective on how the many facets of a media mix work together to enhance overall audience experience and outcomes. Ijeoma’s knowledge and practice bridges the planning and buying sides of media, from researching the appropriate media channels for each client’s product/service, to negotiating, purchasing, and managing each media channel once the plan has been approved. Ijeoma maintains a sharp eye on each plan’s goals with a goal of ensuring that each client’s objectives and KPIs are met through proper campaign management and optimizations of all media channels throughout the entire flight of each placement. Ijeoma holds a PhD in Communications and Advertising, adding a deep academic understanding of media and technology to her first-hand experience in omnichannel media planning and buying.